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Remote Future

Remote work can be difficult.

We're here to talk about it.

Learn from the best:
Remote Future Summit

Not just another virtual conference.

We live in a time filled with seemingly hundreds of digital products and tools to solve issues for remote workers. That’s why Remote Future Summit is an event that helps connect virtually, be sincere about struggles, and discuss our relationships with remote teams, decreased visibility, and wellbeing. 

It’s time to reconnect.

Over the past years different studies have always pointed to these struggles among remote workers:

overworking, difficulties with building relationships, and with loneliness

We will help you overcome these challenges.

Conference format

What you will get? 

100% live

Live-streamed and interactive sessions for two days in a row!

No bulsh*t

Industry experts sharing openly about their challenges & failures 

New level of networking

Meeting like-minded people during intimate networking sessions 

Good vibes only

Yoga and coffee breaks where we recharge our batteries 
They will guide you

Previous editions: Meet the Speakers

Jerome Ternynck

Founder & CEO
Smart Recruiters

Katharine Zaleski

Co-Founder, President

Andrew Filev

Founder & CEO

Cheryl Cran

Future of Work Expert,
Founder NextMapping

Brennan McEachran

Co-Founder & CEO

Shiran Yaroslavsky

Co-Founder & CEO

Peter Komornik

Co-Founder & CEO

Katica Roy


Katrina Collier

Author, Speaker & Facilitator
The Searchologist

Andrés Cajiao

Co-Founder & CGO

Debra Corey

Chief 'Pay it Forward' Officer

Raj Singh

Co-Founder & CEO
Loop Team

Carlos N. Escutia

Founder & CEO

Prakash Gupta

Founding CRO

Emna Ghariani

Co-Founder & CEO

Mike Adams

Co-Founder & CEO

Alice Zagury

The Family

Spencer Waldron

Head of Remote

Sienna Brown

Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

Iwo Szapar

Co-Founder & CEO

Brendan O'Leary

Sr. Developer Evangelist

Maryella Marie

Artist, Activist, Healer PowerToFly

Chase Warrington

Head of BD

Adam Hickman Ph.D.

Content Manager

Liam Martin

Running Remote / Co-Founder TimeDoctor

Lorraine K. Lee

Managing Editor

Kaleem Clarkson

Co-Founder & COO
Blend Me, Inc.

Magda Sowierszenko

Head of Marketing & Comms

Agenda (previous edition)

Day 1

#individual perspective #remoteworker #wellbeing #burnout #routine #habits #motivation

Keep in mind all session timings are displayed in 🕤 Eastern Time Zone (ET) 🕛 ❗

DAY 1 Opening - 9:00 AM

Today's remote work challenges
  • Panel discussion: What pandemic taught us about remote work
    9:10 AM-9:50 AM
  • Remote work and danger of loneliness and overworking
    9:50 AM-10:20 AM
  • What is bothering remote employees and their managers?
    10:20 AM-11:00 AM

Breaks & Networking
  • 🧘 ☕ Recharge with our yoga & coffee breaks
    💡👋 Join Networking Mania
    11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Remote work first aid kit
  • Organizing your day like a pro
    12:00 PM-12:30 PM
  • Thriving in remote space
    12:30 PM-1:00 PM
  • Being heard in your virtual meetings
    1:00 PM-1:30 PM
  • Panel discussion: Building healthy habits that stick
    1:30 PM-2:10 PM

Breaks & Networking
  • 🧘 ☕ Recharge with our yoga & coffee breaks
    💡👋 Join Networking Mania
    2:10 PM-3:00 PM

Better leading remote teams
  • The scientific approach to choosing the right remote team
    3:00 PM-3:30 PM
  • How data can help in building better virtual teams
    3:30 PM-4:00 PM
  • How to manage remotely without smothering your team
    4:00 PM-4:30 PM
  • Remote teams during crisis. What to do when the world is blowing up?
    4:30 PM-5:00 PM

Keep in mind all session timings are displayed in 🕤 Eastern Time Zone (ET) 🕛 ❗

Day 2

#company perspective #team #wellbeing #worklifebalance #culture #habits

Keep in mind all session timings are displayed in 🕤 Eastern Time Zone (ET) 🕛 ❗

DAY 2 Opening - 9:00 AM

Remote work culture & wellbeing guide for business
Powered by GroWrk

  • Ambition & balance: the key(s) to creating a healthy remote working culture
    9:20 AM-9:50 AM
  • How to build and maintain great company culture remotely
    9:50 AM-10:20 AM
  • Connecting your workforce through your company values
    10:20 AM-10:50 AM
  • Monitoring remote work employee productivity through surveillance –
    is there a better approach?
    10:50 AM-11:20 AM
  • Wellness and productivity in the remote workplace
    11:20 AM-11:50 AM
  • Recruiting remotely: lessons learned
    11:50 AM-12:10 PM

Breaks & Networking
  • 🧘 ☕ Recharge with our yoga & coffee breaks
    💡👋 Join Networking Mania
    12:10 PM-1:00 PM

The future of remote work
  • Future of Work 2.0
    1:00 PM-1:30 PM
  • Future of Work mindset
    1:30 PM-2:00 PM
  • From surviving to thriving: Scaling remote #boundaryless engineering teams
    in the age of coronavirus
    2:10 PM-2:40 PM
  • Ensure your transition to remote work is equitable with AI
    2:40 PM-3:10 PM
  • How SmartRecruiters is entering the future with remote work
    3:10 PM-3:40 PM

Keep in mind all session timings are displayed in 🕤 Eastern Time Zone (ET) 🕛 ❗

Is this for me?

Remote Future Summit is made for

Founders & CEOs of remote companies 
Day 1
Day 2
Learn valuable insights and get answers on the reality of working remotely and leading virtual teams directly from invited leaders and seasoned executives. 
HR, People Operations and L&D
Day 2
If you’re on your way to improving remote work in your organization — this event will make you aware of the biggest challenges facing remote work today. 
Remote workers of all kinds and professions 
Day 1
Day 2
Wondering how you can survive remote work? Have been working remotely for some time but you need refreshment? We will help you. Hop on!
About organizers

We've been in this since 2017'

This will be the third edition of our virtual conference on remote work powered by Remote-how. In 2018 and 2019 we had over 8,000 attendees from 105 countries, with 64 speakers including Asana, Hubspot, Forbes, and Doist. Our goal is to help you learn how to build, scale, and lead distributed teams of remote workers.


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Frequently asked questions

Where and when is Remote Future Summit? 
Remote Future Summit is an annual virtual conference. It’s happening online, and you can join it from anywhere, literally. Next edition is coming in the fall of 2022.
Is it really for free, no hidden costs? 
Yes, it is! We want to reach and engage with as many remote workers as possible, making sure all can access it. We’d appreciate it if you could help us spread the word about it. 
Can I get access to the recordings?
Just fill out this short form and you will get free access to the recordings 👉 click here
How can I share my thoughts and ideas? 
Each session will have a digital whiteboard co-created with participants and then shared publicly as a takeaway from the session. Feel free to add any thoughts about a particular topic during the session. You can also share your feelings with speakers and attendees during networking sessions and coffee breaks.